We move to WRC 23

Dear Virtual Rally Championship Enthusiasts,

I am thrilled to bring you some exhilarating news that will rev up your engines and get your heart racing! After a year of thrilling virtual rally action with the Kyloton Racing Game's WRC Generations, we're ready to make a massive leap forward. The Virtual Rally Championship is transitioning to the highly anticipated and brand-new title, WRC 23, developed by none other than Electronic Arts (EA)!

This monumental shift marks an exciting new chapter in our virtual rally adventure, and it wouldn't be possible without the unwavering support of all the passionate racers who have been part of the WRC Generations Seasons. Your dedication, enthusiasm, and competitive spirit have made the past seasons truly unforgettable, and we can't thank you enough for your involvement.

I'd like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the teams, drivers, and fans who have joined us throughout the WRC Generations era. Your commitment to the championship has made it an extraordinary success.

Now, let's rev up for a new era of virtual rally racing! Season 4 of the Virtual Rally Championship is just around the corner, and it's set to be the most thrilling season yet. With the introduction of WRC 23 by EA, we're expecting bigger and better things for our championship.

I understand that many of you may have questions about the transition to WRC 23, and I want to assure you that I'm working diligently to ensure a seamless shift. The sign-up process for the upcoming championship will be different from what you're used to with WRC Generations. I'm in the process of fine-tuning the multiplayer nuances and organising a smooth registration process for all participants. Rest assured, I'll provide detailed instructions and guidelines when everything is in place.

In the meantime, I kindly request that you disregard any information related to WRC Generations. The future is bright with WRC 23, and I'm excited to unveil all the thrilling updates and features this new title has in store.

Stay tuned for further announcements and be prepared for a rally experience like never before. Let's make history together with the Virtual Rally Championship and WRC 23!


Steve Worrell

Virtual Rally Championship Organiser

Written by:

Steve Worrell

VRC Founder

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