VRC New Season Starting Soon

The relaunch for the VRC is just around the corner. This time using the latest and final release from KT Racing, WRC Generations. With two classes, WRC2 for beginners and WRC for advanced drivers. We will now be using the club feature on WRC Generations as the career mode feature was just too complex to work with.

I am delighted to introduce our new community partner Onid Racing, they have been a great help in getting this back up and running. I should probably address the elephant in the room, season one didn't go to plan. In all honesty I tried to run before I could walk with this community. In principle everything worked ok but there still needed a lot of manual work to make things run. Everything was going ok but I got a string of illnesses which just put me so far behind with VRC it wasn't recoverable. Add to that I have quite an intense job and a family with two young kids so I needed to either pack this all in or find a different way.

I'm glad to say we found a different way. Thanks to Jonny and Matt from oNiD who have helped me rework how to run VRC. A new simpler format and fewer barriers for people to get involved. It's not perfect though, personally I think clubs mode on the WRC game is lacking some important features like you can only do 8 stages, you can't select the damage mode and frankly drivers trying to find the club is almost impossible. So I will be lobbying KT Racing to improve the club mode before they down tools on the WRC games.

Results from the club will be transferred to the VRC website after the rounds are complete so make sure to check back here to see the final rally results and standings.

I can't wait to go racing once again. Make sure to join the Discord and get involved.

Written by:

Steve Worrell

VRC Founder

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