The Virtual Rally Championship: A Complete EA WRC community and league

Welcome to the Virtual Rally Championship (VRC), an exciting hub for fans of EA's WRC 23 game, offering a comprehensive rally experience in a competitive community.

Main Seasons: Divisions of Skill and Challenge

The Main Seasons in VRC span 6 weeks, split into divisions based on skill level, featuring Rally 1 and Rally 2 cars. The Rally 1 championship intensifies with harder difficulties, challenging weather, and full damage, while Rally 2 offers the same stages with easier conditions and available driving assists.

The Mega Season: A Year-Long Rally Expedition

The Mega Season extends over a full year, closely replicating the real-world WRC calendar for an authentic rally experience.

Daily Series and Ranking System

Adding to the excitement is the VRC Daily Series, which introduces new stages daily in rotating two-week seasons. This feature keeps the competition dynamic with medium-length stages, random cars, and locations. The ranking system within these series adds an extra layer of competitiveness, allowing players to gauge their skills against others.

In summary, VRC offers a multi-faceted rally experience, from the skill-based Main Seasons and the realistic Mega Season to the ever-changing Daily Series. It's a virtual rallying community for EA WRC enthusiasts!

Written by:

Steve Worrell

VRC Founder

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