Season 3 Is starting soon

Season 3 of the VRC is finally here. Starting on Friday 14th July 2023 this will be the potnentially the last season on the WRC Generations platform. As we anticipate the realease of the new WRC game from Codemasters / EA we roll out the VRC in WRC Generations for one last time.

The format is the same as usual, 6 rounds, 6 days to complete the rally, and available on PC, XBOX and PS4. The only difference is this season the rounds start on Friday (between 10AM - 6PM UK time) and ending on Thursday at 19:00 UK time. The end time of the rally is a hard stop. If you haven't completed all your stages before 19:00 on Thursday your times will not be recorded. The event will still run for another day, this is to allow me to collect the results in case I am not at my computer on the day.

The rounds this season are:
Mediterranean Rally (4 stages from Monte, 2 from corsica, 2 from San Remo), Estonia, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Croatia

The car class is WRC only.

If you want to get involved join the discord now.

Written by:

Steve Worrell

VRC Founder

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